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SEPTEMBER 29, 2013

Hello Everybody!
So this week was national family week! It made it easy to talk to and teach those who prioritized their families (which is almost everyone here). We had a great time proselyting this week and enjoyed getting to know our ward a little bit better. Anyway, the highlight of the week was this past Saturday. We, as an entire mission, received permission from President to attend our individual ward's family week activity! So early Saturday morning we, Elder Parry and I, got to go to the Santa Cruz Beach with our ward!!!! WHAT?! I WENT TO THE BEACH!!! Of course I didn't get to swim, that is against all rules, but we got to play the ward games and eat lots of food:) We played sack races, longest line and catch the tail. They were all a blast. Of course the ward loved that two Americans were playing games with them and so we were all the rage at the party. Elder Parry highlighted the sack race by eating the sand at the finish line, giving the win to his team. It was a pretty good wipe out if I do say so myself. I came in at second for my team and apparently looked like I was riding a caribou:) I highlighted catch the tail for the ward. They still won't stop talking about it.. To play you link your whole team together by holding on to the waist of the person in front of you. I was the "head" so my job was to catch the tail of another team while leading my own. We kept losing so on our last time playing I introduced a new strategy to my team. We were going to play battering ram to separate a tail from a head to make our capture easy. It surprisingly worked! We won that game:) However, I am now referred to Elder Carver, the man with a bright idea. That is my entire title. It is funny but got old really quick:) The activity was fun:) plus we got to wear our casual clothes!!!
Anyway, on to the important matters of my work. Sister M committed to Baptism!!! It was super exciting and very happy! We are going to continue to work with her. I feel confident she will be ready to enter into the waters of baptism by November. Sister A now meets all the requirements to be baptized but she still isn't married... So Bishop is now working with her on getting that arranged. It is free here so you wouldn't think that would be a recurring problem. Anyway, we are way excited too because this week is going to be crazy busy with appointments and trainings.I will talk more on that next week though! Now onto your emails:)
 Dad:  I don't know if I can stop losing weight. I am always hungry because my body just torches food... I eat two full plates of rice with toppings everyday for lunch and I am hungry by 3 or 4 in the afternoon. Good job on your excercising efforts! We should do a 5k when I get back! Vitamins are good. I have been taking the ones you gave me and I am pretty sure that is why I have stayed so healthy over here! Anyway, thank you for your update and I can't wait to hear from you next week!
Mom: WHAT?!?!?!?!?!? The ward split....AGAIN!!!! That is absolutely crazy!!!!!! Holy cow! That was definitely a huge change! I know that the Lord knows how to build his kingdom, but it is like you said, it isn't easy to see so many changes. I hope the adjustment goes well for you! I am also sorry you got released from your calling! Who are the new bishops?! Maybe Dad will be YM president again:) I too am glad that Nate and I are so close! I tell Elder Parry about all of our little adventures all the time:) It is great to reflect on. Oh yeah, the email title. So, I lost 10 kilos, ate McDonalds and had a baptism. I was the only common denominator. Nothing too fantastic. Another Christopher Carver at SUU? I feel like that is some funny prank or something! I am glad they didn't want me though, that would have been a pain to take care of from the Philippines! M is doing well, but isn't really progressing anymore. She reads and prays but doesn't go to church. We are trying to reevaluate how to get her to prioritize church attendance. Sister M also was unable to attend. She was feeling sick and didn't even go to work on Sunday. She was sorry about it but wants to go next week if she can. Tell Brandon congrats for me! That is super exciting!!! How does he feel about it? Another mission call! That is so exciting:) I love hearing about your week too! Thanks for the update! Hermana Ali told me you emailed her again! She loves hearing from you! I am excited to hear about your adventures for this week!
Ethan: I heard about the ward changing thing! Crazy! I miss you too! Christmas Eve and Day are coming up here! People already have Christmas trees and lights up! I am excited for Christmas so that I can talk to you all! I will get to skype:) It has been a long time Ethan, three months and 11 days to be exact, but remember the definition of a missionary- someone who leaves their family for a little while so other families can be together forever. I will be back before you know it! Palangga ta ka!
Grady: That was a big ward change! I know it will be hard but you have to remember, the Church is true no matter who is in your ward. Christ is still the head of the Church, his priesthood is still with the leaders and the Lord will never allow his kingdom to be led astray. What more do you want to know about the baptism? Sister Basal and Sister Lelet both spoke. Bishop gave great council to us all afterward. R shared her simple yet powerful testimony. I got to baptize R. The rest of the story is in last week's email.
Nate: Crazy things happened! But just like I told Grady, the Church is still true. Sounds like it will be a completely different ward when I get home! So, Falcon First should be this week right? If so, good luck! If not, I will wish you and your team good luck next week! I hope that you are able to deal with the changes well! Just remember the line from ROCKY BALBOA: "It isn't how hard you can hit, it is about how hard you can get hit and keep on going, how much you can take and keep on going..."
Ali: No email... What's up? I hope that everything is going well in your realm of life! I would like to know how everything is going!  I hope you know that I pray for you all and that I always want what is best for you all too. Please write me next week!
-Elder Carver

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